Monday, September 28, 2009

Wedding Cupcakes, Mini Desserts, Groom's Cake

We had the honor of providing desserts for an amazing couple this past weekend. I absolutely adore them and the bride was incredible to work with!

The wedding was held at Seascape in Aptos, so the delivery was pretty intense, but everything made it there in one piece, except our cupcake stand topper...but we had an extra cake stand, so it all worked out ok!

We created an assortment of cupcakes, a small topper cake, a grooms cake, and several dozen mini desserts. I loved the finished look, it all came together beautifully.

The cupcakes were an assortment of:

Buttermilk with Raspberry Buttercream
Chocolate with Raspberry Buttercream
Buttermilk with Pastry Cream filling and Coconut Cream Cheese frosting
Chocolate with Kahlua Cream Cheese frosting

The Mini Desserts were:

Lemon Drops with Lemon Whipped Cream
Red Velvet Cake Pops

The Topper cake had handmade sugar roses on the top and side and we created a Chicago Cubs hat, since the groom is a huge fan. They had a game that night and good vibes for the married couple!


Wizard of Oz cake

It was a very crazy and busy week...but I feel incredibly blessed and excited to see our business and hard work paying off.

There are going to be a ton of pictures....but so worth looking at!

The first cake from this weekend was a Wizard of Oz cake, created for a birthday girl who loves the movie.

This cake has to be the most time consuming and hardest cake we have made! I absolutely love it and am so happy with the way it turned out.

All the characters are hand-made by my partner, my incredibly talented husband. We wanted to keep it as authentic as we could and really bring the essence of the movie into the cake.

The shoes were made with gumpaste and each sequin was cut out and glued on. Tedious work, but in the end it totally payed off!

I hope you enjoy looking at this cake as we had creating it. Sorry for some poor shots....I think our camera is nearing its end.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Curious George Cake

Curious George was a popular little guy this month! We had another George cake to create for a little guy who was turning 2.

This was a much simpler and smaller cake then the first one we did. I love the simplicity of it and of course Kyle did an amazing job hand painting and drawing George.

The cake was Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream and fresh strawberries

Pool Cake

We created another pool cake, unfortunately we forgot to get pictures of the pool, but we also created a little snack shack, which turned out so cute!

The cake was Vanilla cake with White Chocolate Mousse filling and fresh strawberries.

Minnie Mouse cake

This cake was created for a little girl who was turning 3. She specifically asked for a Minnie cake with a purple bow. Minnie turned out super cute!

She was Chocolate cake with White Chocolate Mousse filling and fresh strawberries. Her nose was made out of rice krispy and her ears were cardboard covered in fondant.

Apple Caramel Toffee Bites

Our new FAVORITE mini dessert! I love coming up with new mini desserts and taking some of my favorite sweets and figuring out a way to make them bite size.

After testing out a couple of different caramel recipes, I finally found one that was thick enough to coat and not too sweet.

This mini dessert is the perfect ratio of apple to caramel and is just delicious. Takes you back to the days of going to the boardwalk and getting a big juicy caramel apple. To top if off, you end the bite with some crunch from the toffee bits around the bottom of the apple. This has become a fan favorite!

The picture doesn't do it justice....

Sugar Roses ~ A Gardner's Cake

A couple of weeks ago we created a cake for a client who's mom was turning 90! They wanted to create a cake that would best represent her love of gardening and in the words of the client "My mom's elegance."

I hope we acheived this in the cake, we had a lot of fun creating it and seeing all the elements come together.

The cake was 3 tiered (the 3rd tier is the top of the sun hat).

It was a Vanilla Lemon cake with Lemon Cream filling.

We created hand-made sugar roses, a gumpaste flower basket, sun hat, and sugar gloves. I think it came out beautifully, especially the basket!


Giants Baseball Hat Cake ~ Batter Up

We finally got commissioned to create a baseball hat cake! While Kyle would have loved it to be a Yankees hat, this was for my step-dad who is a big Giants fan, so always make the customer happy!

The entire cake is edible, it's a Chocolate cake with White Chocolate Mousse and fresh strawberries...delicious.

The birthday boys magic number!